Monday, January 30, 2017

Just Push Play and then Re-Play Part Two- Hanson's Loud/Play Vinyl

The Vinyl Package
                        When Hanson announced at MOE last year that they would be  releasing their new LP on Vinyl I was beyond ecstatic, I had received a record player for Christmas and I took it as a sign and then I saw the $150.00 price-tag, and had to question Hanson's sanity and then mine. Hell, I am still questioning my sanity, but I had never bought one of Hanson's album packages before, so why not.  This is literally the most expensive Hanson merchandise I own.
For $150.00 I got:
·        A  painting replica screen-print, of one the pieces Zac featured in the Hanson Gallery event at Hanson Day last year.
·        A Taylor Hanson Photo: from the same gallery.
·        The Loud/Play double-sided Vinyl.
Zac's reprint painting of Ike's guitars
The Painting
            Everyone who bought the vinyl package, basically learned months after ordering  that they would not only receive the exact same painting but essentially a copy of a painting; a screen print. Now, I am not saying screen-printing isn't hard, it is, you have to align it  just right or the imagine becomes messed up and mine looks pretty flawless.
            But is wrong to expect more? I didn't expect Zac to paint 1,000 (assuming they sold a thousand) new big paintings,  but I would have settled for 3 screen-printing choices, or a small note card size original drawing/painting, OR HANDWRITTEN LYRICS ( a line or two), or a thank you note...just something a little more rare and original. Zac did resign every screen-print but he didn't bother to number them, so I don't have any indication on how rare my reprint might be.

#118- So we know Hanson sold over 100 packages
The Photo
            As I have mentioned before, I am Taylor girl and I love his photography, that being said I am so disappointed in the photo he picked for this package and I knew I was receiving a copy!  It's literally as if Taylor put all his photos in a hat and closed eyes and picked one because that's only reason I could come up with as to why they picked this photo. It's a studio shot(which is cool) but it's taken from the other side of the room so all the small details are lost and quite frankly I have better action shots of Hanson in my photo collection and I am not by any means an amazing photographer.
One of the drawings from the vinyl booklet

The Vinyl
            From the moment I put the needle to the record, the music seemed richer more vibrant. I'm no music snob or critic but it sounds as if Hanson could actually be in front of you recording these albums!
            Is it possible that Hanson recorded these albums to sound 100% better/best on vinyl?!! If so, they do a great disservice to a majority of the fan base that doesn't have a record player or the money to spend.
            This is the point where I hope I'm not drinking the Kool-Aid, so if you own the record, please tell me you hear the difference too and I am not just crazy, because the vinyl makes me love songs I just liked or tolerated.
Siren Call- On the record, it sounds creepier, the vocals take on an echo-like quality, as if Zac might be singing from underwater, which fits the theme perfectly.
Joyful Noise- Seems less annoying, more crisp, the chorus sounds amazing, what can I say Zac is just great on vinyl.
 At one point during a Taylor lead, I swear I heard him swallow, it was that clear! I cannot get over the intensity of sound.
            The record also come with a large glossy color insert/booklet filled with pictures, drawing and handwritten lyrics, the same ones Hanson made into posters for the store.
            Long story short, in the Loud/Play Vinyl package, the record is the real gem, as I think it should be. The photo and painting print while they may be enjoyable, they make this package seem less personal. Hanson made these pieces as an afterthought and therefore they become one.
            Do I regret buying it, really it depends on the day. I mean, I really hate the photo, literally I would have preferred any other photo, so that was a letdown, but I can't deny that even as a reprint Zac's painting is great and if I was Zac girl or a Zac painting enthusiast, I would be more than happy with it. It a rare piece in that only so many were printed, and that's probably why I haven't decided if I'm going to sell it. One thing is for certain until Tulsa I am going to keep playing this record!
PRETTY PRETTY PICTURES! There is 3 or 4 pages of this in the booklet,along with lyrics!

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