Friday, March 17, 2017

The Hanson Psychology 101: The strain on the Front of my Brain

 Okay this might be a dumb blog or maybe it will be something you relate to, either way I felt like it needed to be said.
            In case you haven't heard Hanson released the first leg of tour dates for their "Middle of Everywhere"25th Anniversary Tour and I have to hand it to Hanson, they always seem to know when is the most opportune time to announce things. I have seen and been tagged in so many articles regarding Hanson today, it really feels as if we went back to 1997 and Hanson is still gracing the covers of Teen Beat.
        I have to say, before today I wasn't really excited for tour. I live in Los Angeles so I already knew I would go to at least 2 shows and plus I am going to Hanson Day 2017 and BTTI 2018, and let's be honest, nothing is going to top my Back to the Island excitement.
            But then that ORANGE AND YELLOW  Hanson (vintage) logo popped up on Hanson's Twitter and man, I am so excited! I don't really understand. Orange is one of my favorite colors but  I literally almost cried, over a damn Twitter icon! HansonMerch on Twitter then went on to ask  fans what they  thought of the vintage but updated symbol and what we thought the newly incorporated arrows could mean and so I began to think about symbol within the symbol.
As I stated on Twitter it is clear to me that orange and yellow is throw back to the original Middle of Nowhere CD released 20 years ago, come May but the arrow is pointing forward and from this I am instantly reminded of another Hanson lyric:
" Yesterday was just fine  but the future's all I've got time for..." and I love the idea of Hanson staying true to their roots but continuing to grow...I mean is a daisy or a rose?!
            Okay, I'll stop, but while I was thinking about what the future of Hanson could look like I couldn't help but think back to my Hanson past. October 2003, just a 15 year old girl in middle of my local library looking through CDs, for something, new, old, anything, I always remember this year as a time of being lost, without direction or purpose and corny as it sounds Hanson helped me find direction and passion, they are the anchor in my life, when I am unsure of who I am, Hanson is the one that brings me back.
Oops I did it again (See what I did there?!) ,but seriously there are so many things that this band has given me in almost 14 years of being a fan, along with thousands of others and today not only did they give me tour dates but they also gave me a Psychology trip through colors, that brought up feelings, memories, and of course music that had running to tour section of saying "BUY NOW! BUY NOW!" (Not Sega)

            That brings up my next point, in the Hanson Fandom there is a thin, thin, thin line, I am talking about tissue paper thin between a Hanson Want and a Hanson Need. I'll give you an example,  as I was thinking about tour dates and which ones I would go to, (believe me this all the Hanson fan base did today talk and speculate about tour or HopJam, which Hanson is playing this year and somehow has declared it the first stop on the tour), I of course decided to go the two shows closest to my house: Los Angeles and Anaheim but was instantly saddened that I couldn't include another close location: San Diego due mostly  to my work and  not wanting to use vacation time, that I plan use of Hanson Day and the NOLA tour date. So, I here I am going to 2 shows, most likely 3 and yet I am saddened that I could it in that one date, so my brain as fast as the synapses could connect said "Let's go to the Las Vegas tour date!" and off it went wheeling and dealing. How much were flights? Where was the venue from the airport? Should I buy a dance party ticket if I have work the next day etc?
            This went on for hours in my head and physically searching online and about 5th hour I was getting fed up with how much this was going to cost me, Hanson should just have the pin to my bank account by now, when I heard tiny voice in my head ( I think it was "Reason", Hanson often tells me ignore it) and it said " You don't need to go. I actually paused for a bit and then I laughed because I got so wrapped in the want to replace one show for another, and this going to sound dumb but for half day I forgot that NOT going, or just going to only 3 shows that worked best for me was an option. At this point the international fans are hating me.

Let me repeat that, in my mind  I literally blurred the line between Hanson Want and Hanson Need so much that I forgot that not going was an option.  I am sure this says more about me psychologically in regards to my relationship with Hanson, then I wanted it to. I just thought it was funny.
To be clear technically a "Hanson Need" in the eyes of people not in this fandom is still a want but to the fandom it is quite different.  A Hanson Need is something like needing the band to release new music, tour dates,  more Hanson Day events, and  it usually something the whole fandom can agree on  A Hanson Want is wanting to buy the new merchandise or fit an extra tour date. In conclusion, I am  going to 3 tour dates: Los Angeles, Anaheim, and NOLA. I am still on the fence about San Diego and Las Vegas.Yeah, yeah,....I blame Hanson. May the presale codes and ticket sales be ever in yourfavor!  


PSS.  I BOUGHT A TICKET TO LAS VEGAS....(I don't know what I am doing).

PSSS. Today is the last day of Presale, general sales start tomorrow. THE LONDON & BELGIUM tour dates HAVE SOLD OUT! Chicago is probably next!