Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hanson's Loud EP: You're the One that Brings me Back

Zac Hanson's painting of "Loud", the cover of the new EP @HDay Gallery 2016

     Hi all! I  returned from the Middle of Nowhere ( Tulsa, Ok) about a week ago and I finally stopped dancing to Hanson's new EP: Loud, long enough to sit down and write a review. 
            Hanson's new EP Loud was given to all fan club members who attended Hanson Day/ MOE 2016. If you are a fan club member who didn't get a chance to attend your EP should arrive in mail sometime next week. Hanson's EP Loud features 5 mostly up beat tracks and is actually part one of a two EP set. Hanson's second EP: Play, releases October 10th of this year and will have five more (live) tracks. The 10 tracks are supposed to make up for Hanson not releasing a new album this year.
            If the first 5 tracks of Loud are any indication of what Play will sound like, then I will not be disappointed.
The Tracks

1)    Ooh La La La: Fun. This track is just pure simple fun. No deep meaning here, just the simple elation one gets when an attractive person passes them on the street and your immediate thought is: DAMN, or in this case Ooh La, La, La. This song is catchy, I dare you  not to get the "Damn good lookings and the Oh La,La,La stuck in your head.  This song also says everything I've thought about Taylor Hanson, just in case you wanted to know.
Favorite lyrics: "I know every thread you wear is woven to entice. How you use it ain't fair."
2)    Stop me in Tracks: My favorite track on this EP. If this whole EP isn't a love letter to fans, this song certainly is. I know it's ridiculous to think this one track could pertain to us, this song could easily be about any person, place, or thing but when I first heard it live at the Hanson Day concert, in its completed form, it just screamed: HANSON.
            I thought yes, Hanson you finally understand what most the fan base has been trying to tell for 19 years! That at the end of the day when I am worn down, beaten, and at end of my rope, Hanson it's you andyour music that brings me back! This song is awesome live, and it was amazing to see hundreds of fellow fans during the concert with their arms raised screaming "I don't wake up DEAD INSIDE!" I felt in that moment, that we were all connected, that we had somehow reached a greater understanding our love for this band.  Someone please comment below, and let me know if you felt it too, or at least know what I'm talking about so I don't feel like a crazy person.
 Favorite lyrics: "When I get home, Monday morning I have the scars to prove it."
3)    No Rest for the Weary: I am lyrics person and boy does this song have them. The type of lyrics that just flow and when you hear them you go, "Oh, damn that was good line!" I had a friend state that this song was the best Hanson song in years, and I am inclined to agree. It's definitely could of been new album worthy. With every new EP there is usually one song that stands out above the rest, this is that song.
 Favorite Lyrics: Basically, the whole 2nd verse but, "Cause my feet can't move to where my heart just aint."
4)    Something Loud: This is the best Isaac song! I know, I know I said that about " For your Love" and "Grace Unknown" is probably my favorite Isaac lead but with every new Hanson chapter, Isaac songs continue to impress me. And this song is just fun, with great lyrics! 
Favorite Lyrics:  "Every pint is a picture of home."
5)    Siren Call: This is my least favorite track on the album. Loud is so upbeat, catchy, and dare I say loud, that this balled just seems to bring everything down, but maybe it's strategically placed. A calm to a high, a means to an end, the rest after climax, the last resounding note in a beautiful masterpiece? Maybe I'm just selfish and like the songs states I want to enjoy every second "before the music stops", thank god for repeat!
Favorite Lyrics: "But when we stop, it starts to beat of your aching heart."

As a whole, the Loud EP is solid. The best Hanson EP in years, every track can be played straight through and sound is 100% Hanson. Now if only Hanson would release Play in a CD format so Loud and Play could be a MATCHING set! Come on guys!
My other favorite Hanson EPS: Facing the Blank Page and Sound of Light.
Next blog: Hanson Day 2016 Recap.