Monday, July 25, 2016

We Both Know we Could Never Choose

      Okay since I have been lazy with getting my Hanson Day Recap blog done ( I swear it’s coming), and Hanson just posted this poll ( under“Hanson Ask”), asking the community to choose their top 25 Hanson Songs.  I thought I would share my choices.
My list (In no particular order)
  1. A Song to Sing
  2. Been There Before 
  3. Cry/Cried
  4. Dancin' in the Wind
  5. Every Word I Say
  6. Got a Hold On Me
  7. IF ONLY
  8. Tragic Symphony 
  9. Weird
  10. These Walls (I prefer Acoustic version)
  11. Lost Without Each Other 
  12. Lost Without You
  13. Crazy Beautiful
  14. I've Been Down
  15. Strong Enough to Break
  16. Save Me
  17. Use Me Up
  18. Thinking 'Bout Somethin' 
  19. Penny and Me
  20. A Minute Without You
  21. Already Home
  22. Watch Over Me (If "Grace Unknown had been option, it would have replaced this. Hands down my favorite Ike song.) 
  23. Believe
  24. Cut Right Through Me
  25. MMMBop

The Process

When I first went through the list my immediate thought was: “WHO picked this list?!”, because really It felt like Hanson just threw darts at song titles listed on pieces of paper but then I realized it was the alphabetical order that was confusing me. 
I wish they had listed the songs by albums instead, because even though I am Hanson fan, half the time I can’t remember the names. “Take our Chances” ( I had to Google to get the title) and “Waiting For This”(Always want to call it Shout it Out), are especially hard for me.
Once I got past the confusion I quickly went through and checked all my favorites. It wasn’t until I got to number 14, that I started to struggle. So I went back up to the top and actually read the directions.
“Pick the songs you think both represent our greatest, but also the way you would share our music with the world. “   

Basically this told me to include MMMBop on my list, where I would have normally left it off, I don’t know if it’s because people normally associate Hanson with MMMBop or that Hanson almost feels obligated to play it  at every show but MMMBop usually makes the short list for me. I then proceeded to check the songs that hardly ever get skipped on my iPod. Watch Over Me made the list because I felt I needed an Ike song even though I am tired of hearing this song live.
The last five songs were the hardest for me to pick and the debate I had between “Cut right Through Me” and “Fired up” about gave me an aneurysm. I end up launching the pop-out media player on and listening to the tracks that I was having the most trouble with. “Cut Right Through Me” ended up making the list for being a far more solid song (lyrically) than “Fired up, in my opinion.

Honorable Mentions:
1)    Fired Up:  I love this song and it’s great live but the hokey lyrics is why it got cut. “Come with us, if you want to live…” Would I share this song with non-Hanson fans, probably not? Sorry, Hanson.  
2)    In the City:  This list feels wrong not to have this song on it and I had contemplated switching “Ive Been Down” with this  but I love the latter more. If I could have cut MMMBOP, In the City would be on the list.
3)    Georgia:  This is one of my favorites on The Walk album but it was this or “Been There Before” and Been There Before will always win. ALWAYS! But I am thinking I should have taken off “Save me” and  put this!
4)    Carry You There:  Solid song. I like it and it grows on me every day.

What my List Says About Me

1)    I’m a Taylor Girl:  No Surprise There. I think Isaac and Zac got one song each, sorry guys.
2)    I am not much of a ballad person:  This I knew. I rely on Hanson to pull me out of my funk or whatever and sad songs just make me sadder.
3)    If I had to pick just one song: IF ONLY. This was the song that not only introduced me to the band but made me love them. I will never get tired of hearing this song!
4)    My favorite ALBUM is according to numbers:
 MON: 4
TTA: 3
Underneath: 7 (With Every Word I say)
The Walk: 4 (With I’ve Been Down)
Anthem: 4

This is surprising since Underneath is not my favorite album, Anthem is but I guess there are more songs on Underneath that I feel define Hanson.

So what are your top 25 Hanson songs?!
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