Sunday, May 1, 2016

Something Goin Around: The Hanson Fan Complex.

           I have been a Hanson Fan for almost 13 years and most of the fandom for even longer. In my almost 13 years I have observed and learned a lot of things. The first thing you need to know is that the Hanson fandom are  very dedicated and  passionate when it's comes this band. Every fan I've ever met has said that Hanson's music changed their life in some way. 
          The second thing you need to know, is with this passion and dedication transpires a complex and for lack of a  better name something I have named: THE HANSON COMPLEX.  No matter how big or small of a  Hanson Fan one is, we all have this complex. If you're Hanson fan you have it, I'm sorry. *  However, the complex is not whatever compels  fans to go through Hanson's trash. That's just good old fashion, crazy.
The Hanson Fan Complex
            In my mind the Hanson Fan Complex is made of up of 3 parts. I might be missing one or two, please comment below if you think of anymore.  I have personally experienced all three parts but if you have done one or two it still counts.  I have titled each part for easier explanation.
  •   The  Hurry up and Wait: Hanson Fans are the only fan base I know that rushes to do a Hanson -related activity just to end up having  to wait, and I'm not talking about standing in line for a concert, hours before doors, even though we do that too. I am talking about rushing to the computer to buy presale concert tickets, only to have to wait for the time that they go on sale and then waiting months for the concert. Rushing to buy plane tickets for Hanson events, right after the dates have been announced, not to mention booking hotels. I was nervous waiting until February to book my flight to Hanson Day this year which takes place in May!

            Now  Hanson Time might be to blame for some of  the waiting, but not all.  Last year hundreds of fans and I waited for over 2 hours in line just to give the band money for merchandise! WE WAITED IN LINE TO PAY THEM!!

  • The "I Don't need this, but I Need This : Now this one is more merch related. Hanson releases new merchandise on like a monthly basis.  Do you need that new shirt? No.  You already have at least one Hanson shirt but are you going to buy the new shirt? Probably. I mean, I own 2 pairs of Hanson sunglasses and  I am  not real sure why, except last year's pair came in my favorite color.

              When it comes to Hanson I have learned that I always end up spending more than I originally planned because something I just suddenly need comes along. I hope this Hanson day I  can do better, but I'm not going to bet on it.
  •  The "Maybe I Could": Also known as wishful thinking. This involves looking at flights, because maybe, just maybe, you could  fit that extra tour date into your schedule or that BTTI vacation! Never mind you haven't found a way to pay for it. If only, you could get time off . You'll figure it out, you're a Hanson Fan! Sometimes it doesn't work out but if there is a glimmer of hope it might, you'll try every angle to make it so!

          I've taken finals early, road tripped for hours, skipped school, gotten shifts covered, carpooled, slept on the sidewalk, stayed up way past my bedtime, and sometimes just straight up lied just so I could attend a Hanson-related event.
            That in a nut-shell is the Hanson complex, I know how crazy and absurd it sounds to any non-fan. It is, but it also very real and sometimes stressful. It might be an addiction but Hanson is also my passion and I would not trade the moments/ memories that this Hanson Complex has given me.
Not for anything.
*The complex does not apply to those who just like Hanson's music.
PS.  Heading to Tulsa this month for Hanson Day 2016! I can't wait! I expect my next blog to be about that!