Sunday, January 29, 2017

Just push PLAY and then RE-Play: Hanson's Play EP and Vinyl Review Part 1


Play is the 2nd EP Hanson released at end of 2016, to make up for the fact that  Hanson would not be releasing a full length album. Their first EP Loud which was released at Hanson Day last year was a tough act follow and I have to say, Hanson,   I AM IMPRESSED because while Loud may be great, in my opinion Play may be better!
Track Listing

  1. Do you Believe in Love: This was the first track released with the preorder of Play and oh my god.....THE HARMONIES! They just turn my insides to goo, there's  a "Little Mermaid" reference ( kiss the girl)  and it sounds a bit like Queen? What's not to like to like about this song? In my book, nothing, but that being said it is not my favorite track but this EP is off to a strong start.
    Favorite lyrics: I'm searching for the kind, dancing in the moonlight...                   
  2. Freak Out    This is the fun party track of the EP and for some reason to me it screams song for a 90's comedy soundtrack. It's definitely the track you want to turn on after a long hard day at work.
    Favorite lyrics:  I want to give you props Because the way you strut your stuff, It makes my evening rough.
  3. Man on Top:    This is my second favorite track on the EP, it would be my favorite if not for the last track. From what I read from other fans this song gets a lot of flack because of the cheesy lyrics or because of the conceited tone.
                 However, I think that's only one way to look at it. I see it as major ego boost. Just think of a think time when your outfit was on point, your hair looked good and you looked in the mirror and you knew, just knew that no matter whatever happened that day: bitchy co-workers, mean people or those who try to make you feel like less, today you couldn't be touched because today you were the: Man on Top.  And if you haven't had a day like that then you're missing out, the song isn't thinking you're better than everyone, it's believing in yourself, believing you're more and everyone could use that, even if tied to tongue and cheek lyrics.
    Favorite Lyrics: I've got my scars, but you better believe, for every one I have defeated a king...  (These lyrics mean a lot personally due to my Cerebral Palsy scars from multiple operations).
  4. Joyful Noise:  I really wanted to love this song and not just because my lovely voice is one of the hundreds of fans singing on this track but I just can't.  Everything in this song feels like it clashes from Zac's high vocals, a choir that doesn't seem to fit, and bulky lyrics, which is just sad because I love meaning behind this song, and for that reason alone I don't hate the song and do find it enjoyable. I like it better on vinyl, but more on that a little later.
    Favorite Lyrics: Everyone has struggles but when we black the music out they seem to double...
  5. Feeling Alive:  THIS SONG! Let me just tell you....this song I can't really explain to you unless you are Hanson fan, but it's good, like goose bumps and chills good.                                                                                         Holly even wrote a blog about just this one song, which I haven't read yet because I didn't want it to distort my first impression, my impression which is:  This my favorite song on the whole LP, No Rest for the Weary is second. The song feels like an ending  but also a spark of a new beginning, it has an underlying sense of possibility, maybe a continuation of "With you in Your Dreams". We can play this at our funerals instead, how great would that be, if not a little ironic.
    Favorite Lyrics: "My story isn't sterile, been on both sides of the barrel.."
Now on to part two: Play: the Vinyl

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